Food that isn’t Garbage Disposal Safe, But is Great for Composting

Garbage Disposal vs Composting

Your dishwasher may be the most important piece of kitchen equipment, but the garbage disposal is probably a close second. Dinner clean-up can be really frustrating, especially when there are a million other things you would rather be doing. Luckily, your garbage disposal is there to make things a bit easier!

Still, it’s important to realize that your garbage disposal isn’t indestructible. There are certain foods that just don’t mix well with those spinning blades. However, there is a way to fill in the gaps! Composting is an eco-friendly way to natural decompose fruits and vegetables. We’ll explain some of the foodstuffs you can set aside to compost rather than sending down the garbage disposal.

Peels, Husks & Rinds

Peels protect fruits from the outside world. Unfortunately, they aren’t great to eat and they can’t go down the garbage disposal. Peels are made of fibrous material that can get easily caught up in the blades of your disposal. It’s a better idea to compost them.

The best foods to compost are foods you would almost always throw away normally and that have a lot of vitamins and minerals. Peels check off both boxes. They are packed with nutrients that can feed the rest of your compost, and you’re always going to throw them out anyway!

Coffee Grounds

Coffee is a necessity for so many of us. It may be part of your morning routine to ready yourself some coffee, but if you are throwing the filter with all of those coffee grounds in the trashcan or garbage disposal, you’re making a big mistake.

Coffee grounds can never go down the garbage disposal. They clump together in water, which can quickly cause a blockage. However, they have plenty of nutrients which are great for the compost pile. Make composting a part of that morning routine!

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