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Water Treatment Services in Levittown

Enjoy Refreshing & Pure Water in Your Newtown & Bucks County Home or Business

Having clean and safe drinking water is necessary for any homeowner. Although your water may seem fine, it may actually have unhealthy contaminants that you cannot see. There are a variety of impurities and pollutants that are harmful to your health, plumbing systems, and more.

J&M Plumbing & Drain Cleaning offers affordable water treatment services in Levittown. Whether you need a new water purifier or water softener, or you require repairs and maintenance for your current system, we have everything you need to make your water as pure as possible.

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Why Get a Water Purifier?

You work hard to protect your family’s health. In doing so, it is crucial to ensure that your water supply is free from harmful bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants. Many illnesses and diseases are caused by pollutants that you consume every time you take a drink of water. Some chemicals in your water can even be absorbed through your skin when bathing.

Put your mind at ease by installing a water purifier. Our licensed plumbers can help you find a purification system that eliminates the dangerous elements that are in your water. Once you select the perfect unit, we will make sure that it gets installed and set up for optimal performance.

The Advantages of Water Softeners

Is hard water making your life difficult? If you are tired of using more soap than necessary, seeing spots on your clean dishes, or finding orange stains in your sink, it is time to invest in a water softener. These systems are designed to remove the minerals that cause your water to be hard.

There are several benefits of installing a water softener, including:

  • Cleaner and shinier dishware and plumbing fixtures
  • Increased lifespan of all water appliances
  • Softer and longer-lasting clothes
  • Reduced amounts of detergent and shampoo
  • Softer, cleaner hair and skin

Call our plumbing pros today for a free quote on a new water softener. If you are having problems with your current system, we are available to come to take a look and provide a fast and effective repair. Your home in Levittown deserves water quality you can rely on.

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