Faucet with Hardwater Deposits

What is Hard Water and Why is it an Issue in Pennsylvania?

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water with high mineral levels. Don’t worry; your water isn’t contaminated or anything like that. These minerals are just as commonly found in your typical multivitamin like calcium, magnesium, and a few other minerals. Nearly the entire country has water that is considered “hard water.” However, there’s no need to fear. Hard water has no adverse effects on your health, but there are some downsides to it.

How Do I Know If I Have Hard Water?

It's hard to tell if you have hard water just by looking at it. Some of the easiest ways to know if you have hard water include:

  • Mineral buildup on faucets or clothing losing color after multiple washes.
  • Spots, or a chalk-like residue on your dishes after washing them.
  • A filmy feeling on your hands after you wash them.
  • Lower water pressure in your home as mineral deposits build up in your pipes.

Should You Be Worried About It?

Yes and no. As we mentioned, your health is not endangered by drinking hard water. However, there are negatives for some of the other uses for water that you have. You may have issues with dry skin or hair if you are bathing with hard water. Additionally, hard water can contribute to buildup in your drains and faucets causing long-term problems in your home or business' plumbing system.

What Should You Do About It?

To avoid the long-term effects of hard water on your clothes, skin, and drains you should consider installing a water softener system. These filter out particulates from your water and is the best way to prevent the ill effects of hard water on your system.

You’ll get a variety of benefits from your water softener system from fresher clothing to softer hair and skin. In addition, you’ll have crystal-clear water to drink!

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