How Sewer Systems Remove Waste [Infographic]

A sewer technician inserting a hose into a street sewer grate opening.

Infographic explaining the basic elements of a sewer system

At Your Home

It Starts with You

Waste starts in the home and can come from sinks, showers, baths, and toilets. The waste goes through a complex system of pipes that removes the waste from your home. Next, it will go to your main sewer line.

To Your Main Line

Underground to out of Bounds

The main line is where all the pipes from your home meet. Everything gets dumped into this larger pipe, which usually runs underground through your yard. Once it arrives at the street, it becomes part of the municipal line.

Then Through a Municipal Line

The City takes Control

Municipal lines run underground through the streets, on their way to a treatment plant. The lines are either controlled by the city, town, county, or other municipal government entity.

Arriving at the Plant

The Last Stop

At the treatment plant, waste is separated and treated to extract water. The water is further treated to remove all contaminants until the water is safe enough to be released into the environment.

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